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Breathing Wellness Meditation - Audio Download

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Let your breathing be carried by smooth, rhythmic ocean waves.

Enjoy surfing carefully tailored natural sounds. Feel how they help you amplify and depeen your breathing. Recognize that switch from Beta to Alpha waves. Know that you're finally able to let go of your worries. Hear your mind slowing down and gently drift-off. Witness that train of thoughts fading away and feel yourself bathing into your own light.

It does feels good, doesn't it? Well, congratulation! You're already having (just a peekaboo) of a Breathing Wellness Meditation experience.

By using our transformational Quantum Vibes Meditation approach you'll increase your chances of entering into your own sacred healing space, in no time.

You're minutes away from witnessing a refreshing, recharging, spontaneous self-healing meditation break.

This Breathing Wellness Meditation is available for instant download in high quality mp3 format.

Offical Launch in October 2018!
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